Bra Fitting Information

Frustrated and fed up searching the shops and the internet, buying bras that don't fit and you keep them in the drawer for years "just in case"?

I can prevent you wasting both time and money simply by getting fitted to suit your shape and size, not just what "looks pretty".

To get the best fit and experience I aim to keep the appointment as stress-free and as relaxed as possible.

Who Am I ?

I am Karen Yardley aka Big Bra Lady and Black Country Bra Lady and have been fitting bras for over 17 years.

What Do I Offer?

Pre-arranged appointment to discuss and fit lingerie to suit your shape and size, in a relaxed, peaceful environment.

Where Am I ?

I work from my private fitting room within my home in Stourbridge.

When Am I Available?

Because I work by mutual arrangement, I can accommodate daytime, evenings and weekends.

As a guide :

Monday to Thursday I work between 7:30am and 7:30pm - Yes, you read that right, some ladies like the early appointment, specially the night shift workers. All other days and times are varied.

How much does it cost to have a fitting?

Fitting is free providing you purchase your lingerie from me, otherwise I charge £20 per appointment for my time, knowledge and advice.

Do you have bras available to purchase on the day?

Yes, you will see a selection of what I have available here on the website. Please note there are some products that are available in the fitting room that are not on the website.

Can I Just Turn Up?

No, I am purely by appointment only, this way it creates a definite time allocated to focus on you.

Can I Bring A Friend?

Bring a friend, but please don't bring a car full of friends as the fitting room is small and please remember it is about your fitting.

Can My Friend Get Fitted Too?

Yes, but please advise me of this when booking as each client gets allocated equal amounts of time and it wouldn't be fair to rush you or delay the next appointment following you.

Can I Bring My Children?

Sorry it's a definite no, (with the exception of nursing mums) years of experience has proved children by their very nature get fed up very quickly and this takes the focus from you and your fitting.

If you need to know any other information, please drop me an email.